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  • What are the benefits of the VIP Partner Program and why would I want to join it?

    The VIP Program will offer enrolled contractors with a variety of exclusive, special offers that will evolve over time but will remain meaningful and relevant to the contractor customer segment. Some examples of VIP Program benefits include:

    • -  Preferred access into ARS Parts Programs and other Promotions (no buy-in orders required)
    • -  Exclusive Special offers
    • -  Liquidation, obsolete & overstock specials
    • -  Holiday Thank-you Specials
    • -  Elite Training event discounts & preferred access


    How do I find out if I am eligible for the VIP Partner Program?


    ELIGIBILITY: The VIP Partner Program is designed exclusively for eligible contractors that appreciate preferred treatment, want to receive special promotional offers from time-to-time and want to register in it. Eligibility requirements are:

    • -   Exclusive Program designed only for eligible contractors
    • -   Business must have one of the following types of ARS accounts:
      • -   Open credit account (in good standing)
      • -   Cash-only account
    • -   A valid and active email address is required
      • -   Email must stay active to remain an active VIP member
    • -   Customer must complete all steps of VIP Program registration process on the ARS website


    What is the easiest way for me to open up an account if I don’t have one?

    • Please click on the ARS Credit account or Cash account application link below or contact your ARS representative for additional details:
      • -   (Credit App link at bottom of page)


    What type of feedback will I receive after I register to confirm my status in the VIP Partner Program?

    • - Email confirmations messages will be sent:
      • - An email message will be sent to confirm receipt of your registration.
      • - A second email will confirm if your registration request is either ‘confirmed or denied’.
    • - Many of the VIP Program’s special offers will be sent via email; therefore contractors must provide a valid and active email address to be registered.
    • - Customers may be removed if a valid email address is not provided or should the email become inactive or stop working at any point in the future. Invalid emails that bounce back will be denied access into the VIP Program.
      • - VIP Program customers that have no sales activity for 6 continuous months will be removed from the VIP Program.

    Will my confirmed membership into the VIP Partner Program last indefinitely or can I ‘opt’ out at any time?

    • - You can elect to ‘opt’ out at any time if you no longer want to remain a VIP Partner for any reason.
    • - Membership can be terminated if email address becomes inactive or is no longer valid.
    • - Membership will be terminated if no purchases made over a continuous 6 month period.

    Click Here For the Credit App